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Jumaat, 4 Mei 2012

Really Miss This Moment,.


I think I’ve to be honest as a mirror to others
I really miss u there!
I wanna look your smile… - rosy -
Seriously, u’re always in my heart ..wish too
And Who is the nicest one for me.

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
Waiting for a suitable time to see u even just for a second
I really hope for getting a good chane again
To come face to face with u,to share part of us together
And I know everything comes to her who waits

I admit, when I think bout u.
It’s really make me miss this moment.
I think that something is true bcoS I want it to be so
No matter who u’re
I’ll do whatever it takes
To prove that I still miss this moment here..

I should grab the opportunity when it comes because there is no time
That’s why I wanna beg your forgiveness
If  I’ve made a mistake
But I promise to take immediate step to correct it
No matter what happens to our relation
I hope distance makes the heart grow fonder..insyaAllah

Credit to ‘YOU’- Friends!

P/s: Sya sayang korang! Even kite da berpisah selama 6 tahun~ Korang semua takde gantinya! :*

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