The Ideal Student.

After changing a new background, I fell like a school girl again~

Mood : School girl !

My definition of an ideal student ----> is one who excels in his/her :

  • studies
  • does superbly in co-curricular xtvties
  • participates in school plays and debates
  • and is well-behaved

It is very probable that such a student doesn't exist, but we should all try to be one! agree with me ? -__-

schools . . . were built to teach and advance knowledge. Therefore, the first and foremost priority of a student is to try his/her utmost to excel in academic subjects.

# we should revise the lesson learnt in school regularly.

Besides, we should opt for a co-curricular xtvt that we're interested in and try to become as proficient as possible in that xtvt (I'm trying too) ^__^

#Taking part in plays help us develop and appreciate the arts while debates and oratorical competitions teach us the valueable art of public speaking.

And the last but not least, 

...are good manner ~

A student who has good manner, who is considerate and helpful, is always well liked by everyone.

#Rules and regulations help instill discipline and good manner in us.

** A student who excels in his/her academic subjects and co-curicullar xtvties but isn't well-behave and rude can never be truly well-liked by anyone !

p/s : Going astray into the wrong path is very easy in the modern world. But I believe that if we are sincere, have faith in ourselvesand work hard enough, we can all become as close to an ideal student as possible so that we may, one day, become useful and productive citizens of our country, and the pride of our parents, insyaAllah ~ ameen!

My role model ;)


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